About Us


Coaching for the Culture is on a mission to bridge the gap between the "Culture" and wellbeing.

Collectively as a community we have been through enough and its time we shift from surviving to thriving. 

Coaching for the Culture provides Life and wellness coaching and resources with an emphasis on social emotional learning and skill building. 

Our founder Dominique Johnson is what she calls a professional survivor. Born and raised locally she has first hand experience of the lasting effects of trauma and how lacking the social and emotional skills can make surviving it feel like the only option but she realizes everyone deserves the resources and support to thrive despite.

She is also a mental health advocate dedicated to bridging the gap and fighting the stigma of seeking mental health when coaching or other self help is not enough especially within marginalized communities

Coaching for the culture is for the community by the community and we aim to make healing, thriving and health the new normal.